Friday, August 10, 2018

How to get kids to eat veggies!

How You Can Get Your Children
to Eat Their Vegetables

Article written by Kristin Louis

Have you ever struggled to get your children to eat their vegetables? They may have recoiled and downright refused to eat them, but don't be discouraged. Thankfully, there are many ways you can help create a positive relationship between your children and healthy vegetables.

Integrate the Vegetables

Let's face it: Some kids may never be able to enjoy vegetables on their own. However, the great thing about vegetables is that they can be incorporated into just about any type of delicious meal. Even smoothies can be an effective way to give our children their daily dose of nutrient-rich vegetables. Experiment as much as you can, as you may hit upon combinations perfect for your children. Try different styles and look to enhance flavor by using ingredients like brown sugar and butter. Also, take advantage of their favorite foods. Are they passionate about pizza, muffins, or brownies? There's always a way you can integrate some vegetables into them. Be sure to start off slowly with the amount you add, and it may actually be a good idea to tell your children about their inclusion. It's a creative strategy that may be the beginning of a meaningful relationship between your children and vegetables.

Set an Example

Children look up to their parents. As symbols of model behavior, we can encourage positive emulation through self-precedent. After all, children by their nature often respond better to what we do rather than what we say. Simply telling our children that vegetables are healthy generally doesn’t work. Children feel perfectly invincible, and matters of health may seem quite irrelevant. Often, when we keep badgering our children, there's an unfortunate tendency for their resolve to resist our wishes to strengthen. Show your enthusiasm for vegetables. Make them a central part of your meals that your kids can see you enjoy during family dinners. As parents, we can be sources of inspiration, as well as agents of positive change, in our children's eating habits.

Involve Them

Giving children a role in choosing and preparing their meals can nurture a sense of investment in their food. Being able to see their choices mature into a whole meal can also foster excitement and enthusiasm. You could either start by having them pick out vegetables first or build around vegetable-rich recipes they choose. At the grocery store, you may find that a child won't instinctually opt for vegetables, especially if they are very young. If that's the case, try to gently guide them towards vegetables and give them choices they can select from. Recipe pictures can be an effective tool in enhancing their appeal, particularly if they are bright and colorful. Whichever comes first, ingredients or recipe, you may find that involving your kids can persuade even the pickiest of eaters to at least give vegetables a try.

Head to the Farmers Market

Another way to involve your children is by taking them to a farmers market. This is a great opportunity for an educational family outing that may get your little ones excited about eating healthier food. There can be such a diverse range of vegetables, interesting and unusual, of every imaginable type and color. A farmers market is a perfect environment to teach children about the origins of vegetables and to see just how vibrant healthy food can be. What’s more, your children can even meet the people who produce their food. By visiting a market often, you can nurture a positive association with vegetables.

Introducing our children to vegetables may take effort and patience. Be an inspiration and involve your children in the process of discovering vegetables they like. Don't be afraid to experiment and try various approaches and recipes. Eventually, you may find that your children grow not only to appreciate vegetables, but they might truly enjoy them.

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